Am I in my own house at all Mister?

I created a stairwell installation for the exhibition Imperfect Shadow at Artscape Youngplace, situated in an old school on Shaw just north of Queen. I worked with a series of collages from mostly the past year, and had them digitally printed on vinyl. I will be doing a talk with Ginette Lapalme and Keith Jones (who have installations in the other two stairwells) along with the curator, Karie Liao on November 4th from 6-8pm.
Am I in my own house at all Mister?
North Stairwell
Alicia Nauta

Through a series of open doorways and windows to another time and place, Alicia Nauta’s stairwell installation offers a glimpse of ruins from the future. Mysterious and elusive, like an ancient document yet to be decoded, the astronomical and celestial imagery as well as architectural elements suggest both natural and manufactured worlds. Many of the compositions make reference to strange interiors, where the perspective is distorted, and can be familiar and alienating at the same time. The source material for this work includes pre-computer graphic design manuals, ink drawings, quilting and crochet templates, DIY framing and home decor guides, illustrated botany encyclopedias, half-tone dot patterns of varying sizes, blobs and geometrical shapes. The printed materials are then cut and pasted, manipulated by hand and by photocopying, then transferred to vinyl. This installation can be seen as a continuation of Nauta’s past “wallpapering” works.

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