Moon Shadow Halloween mix

I made another Halloween mix!
This one is a little weirder and moodier than last years maybe, but still pretty fun. thanks to Carl for showing me the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band's cover of Monster Mash, in my opinion it's much better than the original. Also shout out to Vanessa Rieger's halloween mix tape from five years ago at the White House, where I heard Frank Sinatra's Ghost of a Chance. It was so late in the night and sounded so good to me, and in my drunken stupor I took the tape home...I woke up in a puddle of regret and obviously returned the tape...but I still like that song.

Cheval Fou- La Fin De La Vie, Le D├ębut De La Survivance
Frank Hunter- White Goddess
Kris Jensen- Torture
Teddy Fire- Revenge
Marissa Nadler- Loner
Bruno Nicolai- Giano
Bonzo Dog Doodah Band- Monster Mash
The Moontrekkers- Night of the Vampire (banned from the BBC for being too "morbid")
Joey Reynolds- Endless Sleep
Nick Carter- Abyss
The Monocles- Spider and the Fly
The Poppy Family- Shadows on My Wall
Sueno Sueno- Add Mosphere
Frank Sinatra- Ghost of a Chance (klassic kool edit)
 Claudio Gizzi- The Bedroom Chamber

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Longboards for Girls said...

I always think about ghost and bad spirit when come Halloween. scared about those creatures but can't see face to face in my life. then why I will be scare them? 5 years ago I was going out for a downhill riding on my Gold Coast Longboards alone. In the midle of the way i have saw something coming toward me and i lost my sence. When I wake up a old man in the jangle in a hut asked me why I became senseless when seeing him. That's my memorable Halloween story. thanks for sharing yours.