Thursday, March 5
In the front lobby of OCAD (100 McCaul)
from 11am to 6pm
zines, prints, drawings, other good things
music by Dylin North and Jesjit Gill
snacks by me,

Also a lot of people have been asking me why I am selling all the zines in the zine library?? I'm not actually liquidating anything, the zine library is not going anywhere, I just like the word LIQUIDATION because there's this store called LIQUIDATION WORLD that I like to go to. also I like urgent sales where the signs make it seem like you have to shop in a really big hurry because otherwise people might come and take everything away from you.

So I thought it would be like a good selling tactic to get people to come and buy zines BECAUSE there is going to be a lot of great things for sale.
LIKE, for example, POSTERS, and screenprinted books, and original drawings, and comics, GOOD ZINES (not to be confused with bad zines) AND i'm going to make SPINACH PIE !!
(that last part was going to be a secret but it's time to get down to business)

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wtf-pearl said...

hahaha, liquidation world!